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Security at an affordable price. Perfect for:

  • Gun and Ammunition Storage
  • Family Heirlooms
  • Money, Gold, Silver, and Valuables
  • Antiques
  • Fire Protection

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About Tracker Safe

We are Tracker Safe, and we offer an entire family of security safes. Tracker Safes are built with one very important mission: to protect what matters to our customers. Tracker Safe designs the finest quality, fire-resistant security safes in the world for the lowest price. Our manufacturing procedures produce safes with better locking bolts, thicker gauge steel, and more fire resistance than some safes that cost thousands of dollars more.

At Tracker Safe, we are constantly working to bring peace of mind and dollar value together in one secure product.

Store Info

  • 9am-6pm Monday thru Friday PST
  • Phone: (360) 213-0363
  • Located in Vancouver, WA (View map)
  • (Portland, OR Metropolitan Area)

Customer Reviews

  • "Very solid safe for an
    exceptional value. The price
    point for this safe is very good
    and the customer service was very informative and responsive.
    I tried to buy a more expensive
    safe but their service was
    poor at best..." MORE
  • "Love my T36!! The entire
    transaction was great from
    start to finish and I could
    not be happier!!"

    "Like what I read about Tracker Safes. Especially like the price on the T24..."
  • "Sean gave me a complete
    run-down on the T24 gun safe
    At the Portland Gun Show. I
    was impressed and decided
    this was the gun safe for me.
    Unable to pick up the safe
    during the week... Sean made
    arrangements for me to pick
    up on a Saturday morning.
    Just got my new T-24 home,
    unpacked from shipping box,
    and now filled with guns,
    bullets, laptops, jewelry,
    etc..." MORE
  • "Just got my monster 45 gun
    safe set up in my garage,
    WOW it can hold a lot of
    valuables! Huge safe with
    the best price on the market
    that I have found and I have
    been researching for the last
    year. I will spread to word to
    others as Tracker Safe has
    exceptional values."
  • "My T24 was just delivered to
    my home. More than happy
    with the quality of the safe
    and savings I made.
    Even with the delivery fee
    I was still able to buy a safe
    and gun for the price of other
    safes out there."
  • "Just like the salesman told
    me, 'perfect for keeping kids
    away from guns and from
    smash and grab robberies.'
    My T14 was attacked the other
    week via a crow bar but the
    burglar did not prevail as
    I came home and saw
    his attempts made on my
    safe. Just lucky I had a safe
    or my collection would have
    dwindled greatly!"

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