SecuRam - ScanLogic - Swipe - Electronic Keypad with Biometric Scanner (KEYPAD ONLY)

$ 180.00

SecuRam ScanLogic Swipe Keypad: 


Use with SecuRam SwingBolt Lock Body: EL-0601

The ScanLogic Swipe is a very reliable and robust biometric safe lock system ideal for home safes, gun safes and light commercial applications.

The ScanLogic Swipe features SecuRam’s rugged stainless steel construction and semiconductor swipe fingerprint authentication. 

Simple to Use. Reliable. Fingerprint. 

  • Swipe your registered finger and turn the safe handle. That’s it.

  • Easy fingerprint enrollment process.

  • 10 digit Administrator Code provides programming and access rights.

  • ScanLogic Swipe supports 10 fingerprints.

  • Every SecuRam lock undergoes a 2,000 cycle quality management program before it leaves the manufacturing facility.

  • Unprecedented commitment to quality and reliability.


  • Fast 2 second fingerprint access

  • Enroll up to (10) Fingerprints

  • 10 digit Administrator code or Administrator fingerprint is used for access and to authorize additional fingerprint enrollments

  • Uses semiconductor swipe fingerprint authentication for fast and reliable service

  • Audio/Video signals makes programming easy

  • 4,000+ openings on a 9 Volt battery (AC Power optional)

  • Standard footprint and mounting pattern, easy retrofit for any mechanical or electronic safe lock

  • Can be paired with any SecuRam Lock: SwingBolt, DeadBolt, SpringBolt and StrikeBolt

  • Finish: Chrome


PART # FPC-0608



Use with SecuRam SwingBolt Lock Body: EL-0601

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