Eva-Dry Safe Sensor E-SS50

$ 39.99 $ 44.99


The Wireless Humidity Sensor for Safes has been designed to remotely give you critical environmental information from inside your safe without opening or disturbing the safe. Simply place the remote sensor into your safe, or other enclosed area, and place the base unit within 3 meters (9 feet) of the remote sensor. That's it. You will now be able to monitor the conditions inside your safe or enclosed area at a glance of the base unit. No more guessing or opening your safe to determine humidity and temperature conditions. The Wireless Humidity Sensor for Safes is battery operated so there is no need for a power source inside your safe or enclosed area.

The Wireless Humidity Sensor for Safes will help you measure and maintain "acceptable" humidity levels inside your safe or enclosed areas. Acceptable humidity levels are 60% RH (Relative Humidity) and below. RH levels over 65% can lead to mold/mildew and or corrosion and damage to your valuables. When the Safe Sensor is measuring humidity above 60% RH the main unit display digits will flash letting you know you need to take action to bring the moisture level down.


  • Wireless remote sensor allows you to remotely monitor humidity level and temperature inside your safe.
  • Small and compact.
  • Alerts you when humidity level is not ideal.
  • Low battery indicator.
  • Dual LCD displays (i.e., LCDs on sensor and base unit).
  • Quick and easy setup.
  • User friendly.
  • Ship Weight: 1 lb.
  • Manufacturer / Warranty: Eva-Dry / 90 days limited.

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