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Public Statement: Combination Removal & Request Disclosure September 08 2023

Tracker Safe appreciates all current and future customers that have supported and continuing to support our small family business. Tracker Safe would like to reiterate that our customer’s privacy is extremely important to us.

Considering recent events, in which police and government agencies have requested combinations from safe manufacturers, Tracker Safe would like to address our current and future customers with the options they have for protecting the privacy of combinations to their safes. The only way Tracker Safe would give the combination or master code of a safe (assuming we have record of it) to a government agency would be if Tracker Safe was ordered by a court of law to do so.

Here are the options Tracker Safe offers depending on if you have a mechanical dial or an electronic lock.

Mechanical Dial Lock: If you have a dial lock, a certified locksmith or safe technician can change the combination for you. Having a locksmith change your combination will keep your lock under the one-year warranty that is provided with your safe purchase. Another option is to change the combination yourself. A dial lock combination change key can be purchased with shipping included for $15. Please keep in mind that if you change the combination yourself, the warranty of that lock is void and Tracker Safe can no longer assist if any future needs occur. Also, please understand that if you forget your combination after changing it, the safe will have to be drilled to be opened. Locksmith services to drill and replace a lock range from $500-$1000 typically. Here is a link to purchase a dial lock combination key: https://trackersafe.com/collections/locks-keypads

Electronic Lock: If you have an electronic lock on your safe, you could request the master code from Tracker Safe and change the master code yourself. Use this form to request the master code on your safe lock: https://trackersafe.com/pages/master-code-request Please keep in mind that if you forget the master code and the user code of your lock in which you changed, Tracker Safe will not be able to assist in getting you into your safe. Locksmith services to drill and replace a lock range from $500-$1000 typically. 

For either type of lock (Dial or Electronic): You can request Tracker Safe to destroy the combination or master code record of your safe lock. Please use this form to request your combination or code be destroyed: https://trackersafe.com/pages/combination-code-removal-request

Final note:

With a valid search warrant, police and government agencies do not need a combination or master code to gain entry to a safe. They can hire a safe technician to break into any safe on the market (past and present) by any means necessary. This will most likely cause damage to your safe.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Tracker Safe Team