Shipping Policy/Terms


Orders 90 pounds or less

Tracker Safe ships all safe accessories (dehumidifiers, pistol racks, and lighting kits…) plus smaller portable safes weighing less then 90 pounds via UPS. UPS ground is our standard UPS option for all smaller shipments through 

Orders 100 pounds or more

Tracker Safe ships all safes weighing over 100 pounds via LTL freight carrier. We use many different freight carriers to best service our customer’s geographical areas. Tracker Safe reserves the right to change freight carriers at any time without notice. Safe orders are processed Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time. Tracker Safe offers Residential Curbside with Lift-gate Service delivery; signature is required at delivery. Each customer will receive an email when the order ships and this email will contain the name of the freight carrier and a tracking number.


Includes the freight driver (only 1 person) unloading the safe from the truck with a lift-gate and a pallet jack. They will place the safe as close to the curb of the destination address as possible. Once, the safe is unloaded off of the truck it is the responsibility of the customer to move the safe inside the delivery address. This is not a garage delivery.

For residential deliveries: The Delivery appointments are made by the freight carrier. The freight carrier will be instructed to call you and schedule a delivery appointment when your order arrives to the delivery terminal. Tracker Safe is not responsible if deliveries are late or missed due to unforeseen circumstances.

For Business deliveries: All business deliveries will be made without an appointment during normal business hours Monday through Friday.

All residential and business deliveries made by these LTL freight carriers will be from a 48 to 53 foot tractor-trailer (semi-truck). If you are unable to accommodate a delivery from a tractor-trailer of that length then please contact a Tracker Safe Customer Service Representative at (360) 213-0363. Also, the tractor-trailers will only go down a driveway if there is enough room for them to turn around. They are not required to back down a driveway. The drivers come equipped with a pallet jack to assist them in moving the safe. If a customer’s driveway is unpaved or too steep, or just inaccessible, the driver at his/her own discretion will move the safe as far as he/she may go or just deliver the safe to the curb of the address.

Customers whom refuse the delivery because the driver was unable to provide the garage or even curbside delivery will be charged all shipping charges to and from the address of delivery plus a 15% restocking fee for the safe. These fees will be deducted from the original purchase price of the safe prior to refund. The credit card fees that Tracker Safe incurs from Shopify will NOT be refunded in the case of any orders that are cancelled, returned, or refunded.

Deliveries are made between the hours 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday.  All customers must be available to take immediate delivery (1-2 days) of their order when contacted by the carrier. Customers whom cannot take immediate delivery due to the customer’s unavailability may result in additional freight charges and/or storage fees. Tracker Safe reserves the right to authorize a return of any freight that is found to be undeliverable where the customer, after repeated attempts, is found to be unavailable for contact. The customer will then be responsible for all shipping charges to and from the address of delivery plus a 15% restocking fee for the safe. These fees will be deducted from the original purchase price of the safe prior to refund.

Customers whom cancel their orders after the order has shipped will be responsible for all the shipping charges to and from the delivery address.  


Upon delivery please inspect the safe(s) prior to signing the delivery receipt. The driver of the freight carrier is required to give you enough time to remove packaging prior to signing for the freight. When signing the receipt you will be agreeing to the terms and condition set forth by the carrier which clearly states that you have received the shipment in good condition. Please note on the receipt prior to signing, all noticeable signs of damage such as tears in the box or indentations, etc… If there are any visible signs of damage to the packaging please show the driver and further inspect the safe to determine if there are any damages to the safe. Note all damages on the receipt before signing. At the time of delivery it is the customer’s right to refuse a safe that has been damaged during shipping.

Customers that notice damages after signing the delivery receipt must contact the delivery carrier to notify them of the damages. All customers that accept delivery without noting the damage from shipping will be responsible for filing their own claim with the delivery carrier.