Tracker Safe - Pistol Pocket/Holster/Pouch (H01)

$ 16.00

The Tracker Safe Velcro Pistol Pocket/Pouch/Holster is the most ideal way to store pistols in your gun safe. The velcro on the back of the holster covers a much larger surface area than the competition. This holster is very sturdy as it has a thin layer of plastic sewed into the backside to give the holster support when hanging from a carpeted surface. Fits most common sized small/medium/large handguns. You and your firearms will be happy with the design and overall use of this holster.

The Tracker Safe H01 velcro holster is designed to stick to the carpet inside a gun safe. We recommend designating a permanent place for the holster so that the holster is not moved around often because this will cause the holster to pull carpet away from what the carpet is attached to. 

Weight: 2 oz

Size: 6"H x 4.875"W x .5"D expandable to 3"D.

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