FS121514-DLG Floor Safe

$ 670.00


  • Non-fire insulated top opening steel security floor safe.
  • 1/2” thick steel door and 11 gauge steel body.
  • The door is secured with five (5) 3/4” bolts and a reinforced door frame.
  • The safe is designed to be surrounded in concrete. The body does not have pre-drilled mounting holes.
  • The body has a bottom flange that secures the safe in concrete.  
  • The safe comes with a top cover plate.
  • Felt carpet liner.
  • NO Mounting hardware included.


  • Weight: 84 lbs
  • External Dimensions (Including Top Cover Plate): H: 12" x W: 14" x D: 15.375"
  • External Dimensions (No Top Cover Plate): H: 11.75" x W: 13.5" x D: 15"
  • Bottom Flange Dimensions: W: 14" x D: 15.375"
  • Internal Dimensions: H: 6.25" x W: 13.25" x D: 14.75"
  • External Volume:  1.49 cubic feet
  • Internal Volume:  0.68 cubic feet
  • Lock Type: Mechanical Dial Lock 
  • Number of Locking Bolts: 5
  • Paint:  Black Powder Coat


Limited Lifetime Warranty against fire or attempted/actual break in.


  • The FS121514-DLG is equipped with a Mechanical Dial, Group 2, UL Listed Lock.


  • This floor safe is ideal for home, office, and business use.
  • Good for hand guns, cash, jewelry, and small important documents.

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