SecuRam - SwingBolt Lock - EL-0601 - (LOCK BODY ONLY)

$ 70.00


Part# EL-0601

  • The SwingBolt is SecuRam's most popular lock body.

  • The SwingBolt is designed to work in conjunction with most safe boltwork systems.

  • Upon entry of a valid code the motorized locking mechanism moves to its unlocked position, allowing the safe bolt work to rotate the bolt into the lock case.

  • The lock remains unlocked for 6 seconds and then automatically relocks.

  • When the safe door is closed and the safe handle returned to the locked position, the lock will automatically lock secure.

  • As with all SecuRam lock bodies, the SwingBolt can operate in two modes:

    • Analog mode for use with SecuRam SafeLogic Series EntryPads

    • Digital mode for use with SecuRam ProLogic and ScanLogic Series EntryPads

  • The SwingBolt lock body can be used to replace any standard sized safe lock

  • The SwingBolt can be easily retrofitted on most safes.

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